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12 Leadership Practices to Sustain Livelihoods and Life


Dr. Paul Aitken

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Leaders everywhere set clear direction and build productive relationships through what they do (their everyday leadership practice), more so than what they think or say. We urgently need to improve the sustainability of ourselves, families, learning institutions, workplaces and communities. Flourishing together depends on solving an agile leadership puzzle; how to enhance livelihoods (prosperity) whilst also restoring and nourishing all of life on earth (longevity)? Answering this question needs a very different approach to leadership development, one which enriches our jobs, enterprises, nations and natural environment in parallel. To speed up our problem solving and action, this book draws on Paul’s interdisciplinary insights and experience, alongside his personal life reflection, to make his 12 Leadership Practices widely usable. It describes how to operate in a way which restores and replenishes our finite resources (people, planet and profit), as we deal with a highly disrupted world still full of entrepreneurial opportunity. Our leadership imagination and ingenuity can now be guided by a comprehensive and deliverable sustainability agenda.


Pages: 164 

Language: English

Publisher: BritCham Indonesia



“An essential, comprehensive, holistic and integral must-read for entrepreneurs, academicians, captains of industry, NGOs, governments, community leaders and policy-makers to be able to shape and lead sustainable-driven organisations with strong fundamentals for a long-term view, as well as with a strong focus on resilience.” Jay A. Singgih - Chairman & CEO of Bumi Laut Group, Indonesia

As a company director with long standing interests in sustainability and leadership, I am delighted to see the arrival of Paul’s practical and timely book.  It connects the wider ESG questions the governance world is grappling with to insightful observations about the leadership characteristics that will enable our organisations and communities to flourish through 21st century challenges.   Paul shares his ideas with energy, humility, and openness, enabling the reader to apply lessons learned in a wide range of applications from governance boards, to executive teams, to community leadership.”  Denise Church QSO CFInstD (NZ), Chair of Airways NZ and the Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR), past chair Zealandia and WWF NZ. 

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