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The vast archipelago of Indonesia represents more than 40% of both the GDP and population of ASEAN. The consuming middle class is estimated to number around 80 million, 60% of whom are under 32 years old. These demographics underpin opportunities across all sectors, whether as a trader, investor or venture capitalist. But, market access can be complex and time consuming. Indonesia is for businesses that have prior export experience and can afford to look at market entry in a strategic way.

BritCham Business Centre offers a range of services to assist aspiring British businesses to do market access into the Indonesian market, and therefore achieve their market objectives. These services are as follows.


  • Market Information

    • Navigating into foreign market can be a challenge, especially for those new to it. Sector leads from BritCham Business Centre specialise in providing market research reports catered to British businesses’ needs, with the purpose of accommodating businesses with significant information and updates.

      The report include, but is not limited to:

      • Sector Overview
      • Regulatory Updates
      • Market Trends
  • Marketing Webinar

    • For British companies interested in hosting a webinar, we are able to provide a platform to share and exchange market information with Indonesian companies, regulators and other prominent stakeholders.

  • Virtual Roadshow Management

    • For trade groups and associations in the UK, we are able to facilitate a virtual session followed by one-on-one meetings with country experts.

  • Trade Mission Management

    • In support of expanding international market share and opening up opportunities for trade, BritCham Business Centre can arrange trade missions for British trade groups. The trade mission delegation and organiser will be able to take part in introduction to important key players in Indonesia, such as private companies, government bodies and key decision makers.

  • Visit Programme

    • We can get you in front of decision-makers relevant to your objectives, be they government, trade groups, potential agents or distributors, other market representatives and key stakeholders. We can help you replicate whatever works for you in other markets.

  • À la carte Business Services

    • BritCham Indonesia has a very flexible approach to support your market access needs, including all virtual options. If you don’t see the service you are looking for, contact us at

Find out how the Business Centre can support your market access.

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