BritCham Education Centre

For more than forty years, BritCham Indonesia has been facilitating trade and investment between Indonesia and the UK. This year, BritCham Indonesia established a new unit, BritCham Education Centre.

This unit is a wholly-owned business unit of BritCham Indonesia sitting within the BritCham Executive Office, licensed as a non-profit association permitted to create and manage memberships for companies and institutions engaged in trade and investment with Indonesia.

Focusing not only on education but also on human resources development (particularly executive development and leadership), this unit offers a holistic approach bringing together Indonesian nationals looking to the UK for their education including internship, mentor buddy, formal education providers and blue-chip employers seeking the best returning talent.

Family investment in international education is possibly the 2nd highest investment in the family after the family home. As a good investor looking for the return of investment, in this case, over a lifetime. Therefore, BritCham is pulling all its stakeholders' resources together to support this family education investment proposition.

We, therefore, have put together a panel of British Universities whose employability ratings cover subject areas aligned with national goals and talent gaps to ensure we bring international employers and top Indonesian talent together.

Studying in the UK

  • Reasons to Study in the UK

      • UK is a centre of history, art, culture.
      • A multicultural British society
      • The internationally recognised quality of education at each level.
      • Study period is shorter in comparison with other countries due to a more intensive program so it is more efficient in terms of time and money.
      • The learning environment is energetic, creative and fun.
      • Variety of teaching methods and training that include not only the mastery of the material, but also to encourage the learners to be independent thinker.
      • Free health insurance for international students.
  • Our University Partners


  • Student Services

      • University Selection
      • Travel, Accommodation & Visa
      • English Language Training & Qualifications
      • Internship and First Job Counselling
  • Professional Development Services

      • TVET
      • Professioal Qualifications
      • Training and Development
      • Gloobally-Endorsded Quality Assurance

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