• Climate Change & The Environment (CC&E)

    • In partnership with

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      Chairman: Jeffrey Chatellier – CEO of Forest Carbon

      Co-Chair: Ridwan Kurniawan – Senior Managing Consultant CPFCM Asia of South Pole

      Indonesia chaired the 43rd ASEAN Summit held in Jakarta in September 2023 and drove a sustainability agenda, marking a significant milestone in the region’s commitment to addressing climate change. Delegates adopted a Joint Statement on Climate Change in anticipation of the upcoming COP28 in early December in Dubai, reconfirming global efforts to combat climate change and stressing the critical need for ambitious climate actions through mitigation, adaptation, and finance.

      The Carbon Center for Excellence was one of Indonesia’s legacy projects for the summit, led by KADIN as chair of the ASEAN Business Advisory Councils (ASEAN-BAC) under Chairman Arsjad Rasjid. It will serve members as a platform for knowledge exchange and best practices on nature-based solutions and carbon trading in their respective markets. Another noteworthy initiative was development of the ASEAN Net Zero HUB which will bring together governments, businesses and civil society as industries look to decarbonize across ASEAN.

      As smog settled over Jakarta during the lead-up to the ASEAN Summit, Jakarta was deemed one of the most polluted cities in the world, and President Jokowi got sick. The President convened a meeting with ministers and announced a number of possible measures including emissions tests for vehicles, a pollution tax for vehicles and weather manipulation programs to induce rain to clear the haze. Although implementation details remain scant, environmental advocates welcomed the spate of proposals as a significant development for Indonesia.

      Indonesia’s Financial Services Authority (OJK) issued Regulation 14/2023 recently which set out the framework for carbon trading on an exchange regulated by the OJK much like capital markets transactions, with carbon units treated as securities subject to OJK supervision. The Carbon Exchange launched in late September 2023 with participation from many Indonesian Banks and state-owned enterprises.

      In March of this year, the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR) enacted Regulation 2/2023 on the Implementation of CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) and CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage) in Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities. The Regulation covers a wide range of matters, including planning of CCS and CCUS projects, implementation, monitoring, CO2 measurement, reporting and verification, financing and monetisation and closure of CCS and CCUS projects. Although further clarification will be needed for a number of issues, Indonesia is the first Asian country to have a legal framework for CCS and sets the stage for potential emissions reductions and carbon utilisation projects.

      In August this year Indonesia pushed back plans to announce investments from the $20 billion JETP program (Just Energy Transition Partnership) led by the UK through the International Partners Group (IPG) and the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ) Working Group, which each pledged $10 billion, to help Indonesia shutter coal power plants, adopt greener sources of power and advance the sector’s peak emissions target by seven years to 2030. The government is continuing its technical review and there has been criticism of a perceived lack of transparency and possible impacts on local communities.

      Going forward, Indonesia is expected to release full carbon regulations prior to COP28 in Dubai.

      The HUB focuses on four core areas:

      • Carbon Taxation and Green Finance
      • Renewable Energy/Carbon Capture
      • Natural Climate Solutions (Forest Restoration and Conservation)
      • Human Capital Development for Sustainability Professionals

      The HUB works on the following:

      • Climate change related advocacy with Indonesian stakeholders including but not limited to Government and Indonesian business associations such as KADIN.
      • Enhancing corporate climate change awareness by bringing best in practice climate change and sustainability practices to the attention of our membership.
      • Building awareness of both UK technologies and UK financing support that can add value to Indonesia’s climate change targets.

      This group is strictly for members and trial basis only. Guests may be considered on request to: mudita@britcham.or.id


  • Human Capital & Education (HC&E)

    • In Partnership with

      Chairman: Dr. Paul Aitken - Founder of Mastering Leadership Agility UK (Ltd)

      Co-Chair: Aurina Setyawitta - National Director of PT DOE Intaward Indonesia (Social Enterprise)

      To be relevant and add value for members, BritCham HUBS are designed to address contemporary leadership challenges and create new business opportunities within and across different sectors for the mutual benefit of Indonesia and the UK.

      The Human Capital and Education HUB (HC&E HUB) is vitally important for building the necessary people capabilities which improve business, career and environmental sustainability in ever present unpredictable and disruptive environments.

      Increasingly, this will mean identifying leaning synergies with other BritCham HUB activities, as Indonesia seeks to leverage its developing global potential. Multiple opportunities present themselves for innovative executive leadership development, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and Management/Technical/Vocational education and training solutions.

      The HC&E HUB will work closely with the BritCham Education Centre in achieving this objective. More engagement with and between universities, employers, employer associations and government officials are planned, for example by generating scholarships and internships for Indonesian talent. From within the Group’s membership, we will continue to design, endorse and provide accreditation for management, apprenticeship and qualification programmes.

      Our HUB will also support corporate strategic human resource practice improvement and policy development at national level through thought leadership and ideas dissemination. Emerging themes over the next year are the impact of AI on the education and training industry, young people’s leadership development and the establishment of CEO leadership challenge sharing clinics.

      This group is strictly for members and trial basis only. Guests may be considered on request to: mudita@britcham.or.id


  • Health, Wellbeing & The Life Sciences (HWLS)

    • In partnership with

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      Chairman: Hoerry Satrio - Head of Corporate Affairs of AstraZeneca Indonesia

      To deliver mutual benefit for Indonesia and the UK, the Health, Wellbeing & The Life Sciences HUB addresses the importance of healthy people to Indonesia’s economic development through innovative solutions for health and wellbeing by way of research & development and the life sciences.

      Investing in the health and wellbeing of the workforce is a strategic decision that yields numerous benefits, ranging from immediate gains in productivity for companies to long-term contributions to Indonesia’s economic development. Health and wellbeing are essential components for building sustainable, resilient, and thriving economies.

      Addressing diseases that impact workforce productivity is not only a humanitarian imperative but also a strategic and economically sound decision for both corporations and the government to reach the Golden Indonesia Vision by 2045. By addressing Communicable and non- communicable diseases (NCD) that hamper workforce productivity, the government can ensure a more robust and competitive economy. Healthy workers contribute significantly to increased efficiency and innovation, fostering economic development and competitiveness on a global scale.

      The Health, Wellbeing & The Life Sciences HUB will provide members of the British Chambers insight into innovative solutions and relevant policies for health and wellbeing that are based on research & development and the life sciences.

      This group is strictly for members and trial basis only. Guests may be considered on request to: mudita@britcham.or.id


  • Smart Sustainable Cities (SSC)

    • Chairman: Andy Citawarman - Water Sector Leader at MottMacDonald Indonesia

      Co-Chair: Benny Handoko - Director of Strategy and Business Development of PT Decorient Partaya Indonesia

      Committee: Max Stobbs - Manager - Office Leasing Advisory of JLL

      We are thrilled to extend a warm invitation to you for the British Chamber of Commerce Indonesia Smart Sustainable Cities HUB and share our vision for the forthcoming 12 months. Together, we can make a lasting impact on sustainable development in Indonesia.

      Led by Andy Citawarman (Mott MacDonald Indonesia’s Water Sector Leader), and the HUB’s dedicated committee members, we exude an unwavering passion for low carbon and climate resilient development. Our collective dedication sets a robust foundation for the HUB’s initiatives as we strive to create a sustainable future for cities across Indonesia.

      We wholeheartedly reaffirm our chair’s excitement and enthusiasm to collaborate with fellow Smart Sustainable Cities HUB members on a wide range of topics. From the visionary development of Indonesia’s new capital city to sustainable financing schemes, digital solutions for sustainable cities, air quality improvement, innovative waste management practices, sustainable construction, infrastructure development, sustainability reporting, ESG policy setting, and the establishment of safe, affordable, accessible, and sustainable transport systems, we are resolute in addressing these crucial issues.

      Looking ahead, our HUB is committed to fostering meaningful discussions and collaborations through a proactive and collaborative approach. Our top priority is advancing sustainable practices in Indonesia, and we aim to achieve this by involving key stakeholders and leaders from the public, private, and academic sectors throughout 2024.

      We consider it an honor and a privilege to realise the positive impact the Smart Sustainable Cities HUB will have on the future of sustainable development in Indonesia. Join us on this remarkable journey as we shape a sustainable and prosperous future for our cities and communities.

      Together, let’s make a difference.

      This group is strictly for members and trial basis only. Guests may be considered on request to: mudita@britcham.or.id


  • SMEs

    • In Partnership with

      Chairwoman: Linzi Boyd - Founder of One Earth Global Ltd

      Co-Chair: Jonathan Cross - Director of Juicebox

      I had a vision for building the first ever purpose-led platform in the world. To connect developed and developing countries so that everyone can be seen and heard no matter where you live or the demographic you come from. I believe the world is moving to purpose, businesses are switching over to this way of doing business and the purpose economy will be the fastest growing economy in the next 10 years. It is now time to connect ourselves and our businesses to our purpose and remember who we are, why we are here and how each one of us can facilitate change. I moved to Bali, Indonesia in January 2023 to make this vision a reality.

      As Chairwoman of The SME’s HUB, the focus over the next 12 months we will be to bring businesses together with 21st century mindsets and business models. To create purpose-led / brand-led growth, which consists of sales growth, margin growth and strategic growth, whilst also driving Legacy, Purpose and Influence.

      Our focus, discussions and learnings will be around trade, employment, revenue offset, green innovation investments, and scaling a global brand with impact.

      Key topics such as;

      • Economic growth on purpose and trade expansion
      • Digital innovation to capitalize on international market sales for scale and expansion
      • Attracting Impact Investment into your business
      • Community engagement and PartnershipsOne Earth is a community of people and businesses connecting together for growth, trade and partnerships. From a local community to a virtual society - a connected earth. It connects an expanding global trading community, providing opportunities to learn with other entrepreneurs to grow and scale business, to impact industry and create genuine positive change in the world.

      This group is strictly for members and trial basis only. Guests may be considered on request to: mudita@britcham.or.id


  • Technology & Digitalisation (T&D)

    • In Partnership with

      Chairman: Tom West - Director of Juicebox

      Co-Chair: Chandranata Rekso S - Lead of Strategic Initiatives (FMCG & Long-tail Categories) of Tokopedia

      Board Oversight: Ian Betts - Managing Partner of CastleAsia

      Martyn Terpilowski
      - President Commissioner of Bhumi Varta Technology
      Paul Kanwar - Director of Business Alchemy of Biz Marketer
      Ricky Mulani - Founder and CEO of Reqruit Asia

      As the largest economy within ASEAN, Indonesia’s path to digital transformation is a crucially important one. It is a transformation that signals great change for the country, as well as tremendous opportunities and promise for British companies in this sector. Indonesia’s vast population presents an enormous market for new technology and the use of data. BritCham Indonesia’s Technology and Digitalisation HUB works to identify and capture the opportunities that the digital transformation will bring, but it will also highlight the challenges and risks businesses operating in this sector might face. With that in mind, we seek member companies that would like to join and be part of this exciting initiative.

      In terms of what’s on offer, Indonesia currently has one of the highest rates of internet usage in Asia with over 212 million regular users as of January this year, or 77 percent of the population. Indonesia is also home to 167 million social media users, over 60 percent of the population, and has more than 350 million active smartphone connections – a figure that exceeds 100 percent of the population! E-commerce platforms are growing in scope and scale, and government services are now increasingly delivered online and via smartphone apps.

      But the HUB will also work on the challenges and risks posed by this rapid transformation. These range from data privacy and protection, on which there is an ongoing discourse with government, to discussion on the cross-border traffic in data and the prevention of fraud. The HUB will also review, for example, the emerging regulatory environment for internet service companies, the registration and taxation of entities and any restrictions on their activities.

      In short, we believe that British companies are well-placed to contribute to Indonesia’s digital transformation and look forward to seeing you at HUB meetings!

      This group is strictly for members and trial basis only. Guests may be considered on request to: mudita@britcham.or.id


  • Professional Women's (PWH)

    • Chairwoman: Sony Jethnani - Marketing Director of PT Hansika Unggul Indah

      Mariko Yoshihara - Founder of Ango Ventures
      Dharmesti Sindhu - Founder/Coach of EQ More
      Dina Ernawati - MD/EO of Gema Waskita Interaktifa
      Aparna Saxena - CEO of Torajamelo & Lazada

      The British Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia has been representing a diverse international business community for over four decades. We are proud of our mission to facilitate trade and investment between Indonesia and the UK. We are also equally proud of our reputation of being the most active and innovative foreign Chamber in Indonesia. BritCham Professional Women's HUB (PWH) is a sector group established ten years ago under BritCham.


      Our USP is that we are the first women-only group with European chambers. PWH’s vision is to elevate and connect women in business. Through our monthly meetings and webinars, we encourage and help women develop new business connections; learn new skills and improve their career; advocate fairness and equality for women; attract new BritCham members; and encourage more engagement amongst PWH and other women’s communities.

      PWH has diverse members both local and expatriates and the events are well attended. We aim to showcase leaders and speakers who are making a difference through the work that they do and the organizations they represent. The ability to think big is what makes women’s communities so powerful. In order to inspire others and make this world a better reflection of our visions and values, we first need to be inspired.

      This group is strictly for members and trial basis only. Guests may be considered on request to: mudita@britcham.or.id