• Climate Change & The Environment

    • Chairman: Jeffrey Chatellier – CEO of Forest Carbon

      As global commitment to tackling climate change continued to grow in 2022, Indonesia played a prominent role in climate discussions when it hosted the G20 nations in Bali. During the event, Indonesia pledged to phase out coal energy and invest in renewable energy infrastructure, supported by a $20 billion package of public and private finance, the largest single emissions reduction deal to date.

      Indonesia’s participation was timely, coinciding with COP27 in Egypt where leading nations recommitted to limiting global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. A significant development at COP27 was recognition of the real impacts of climate change on vulnerable countries and the establishment of a "Loss and Damage" fund to provide financial assistance to such countries. With the estimated cost of climate change exceeding $227 billion during 2022, discussions on the roles of public and private sectors in addressing this issue are expected to intensify. For Indonesia, COP27 brought particular importance as it officially acknowledged "natural climate solutions" (which focus on forest conservation and restoration) as key strategies, indicating that Indonesia is emerging as a potential climate leader.

      Achieving Indonesia's climate goals will require substantial investment from foreign and domestic private sectors. To facilitate this, a Presidential Decree on "Carbon Economic Value" was issued in 2022 and recently the Ministry of Finance and the Financial Services Authority (OJK) have assumed increasingly significant roles in designing systems and providing guidance for the operationalization of carbon regulations. These steps and others have instilled confidence in the business community that international carbon trading and related carbon infrastructure will soon be functional in Indonesia.

      Indonesia has committed to achieving a net-zero energy sector by 2050 primarily relying on decommissioning coal-fired power plants and promoting the adoption of green energy and electric vehicles (EVs). Incentives and subsidies have been implemented, and Presidential Instruction No. 7 of 2022 mandates state firms to update their fleets with EVs. With the world's largest nickel reserves, Indonesia’s domestic nickel supply will play a crucial role in establishing an EV value chain. With a substantial portion of those reserves located under forested lands, it is imperative that members ensure that energy transitions leverage sustainable supply chains that align with net-zero and no-deforestation commitments.

      The Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) has taken an active role in supporting businesses to meet climate commitments with its Net-Zero hub, a platform that provides climate-smart business guidance and carbon foot printing for its members.

      The hub focuses on four core areas:

      • Carbon Taxation and Green Finance
      • Renewable Energy/Carbon Capture
      • Natural Climate Solutions (Forest Restoration and Conservation)
      • Human Capital Development for Sustainability Professionals

      The hub works on the following:

      • Climate change related advocacy with Indonesian stakeholders including but not limited to Government and Indonesian business associations such as KADIN.
      • Enhancing corporate climate change awareness by bringing best in practice climate change and sustainability practices to the attention of our membership.
      • Building awareness of both UK technologies and UK financing support that can add value to Indonesia’s climate change targets.

      This group is strictly for members only.


  • Human Capital & Education

    • Chairman: Dr. Paul Aitken - Founder of Mastering Leadership Agility UK (Ltd)

      Aurina Setyawitta - National Director of PT DOE Intaward Indonesia (Social Enterprise)


      To add value for members, BritCham Hubs are designed to address contemporary and future focussed issues that have immediate appeal and utility for different sectors. The Human Capital and Education Hub (HC&E) has continued to grow, noting its increasing importance for guiding learning and training connected to the implementation of career, business, community and environmental sustainability.

      Based on the BritCham Business Confidence Index results, the acquisition, development and retention of leadership, professional and technical talent is cited as a major challenge to realising business potential alongside Indonesia nation building.

      As Indonesia seeks to leverage its developing global potential, multiple opportunities prevail for managerial and employee Continuing Professional Development. The recent emergence of hybrid and online learning delivery enhances these opportunities for British service providers. This group will therefore make a vital contribution to simultaneously enlarging the talent pool for both Indonesian and UK enterprises.

      The HC&E Hub works closely with the BritCham Education Centre in achieving this objective.  More engagement with UK alumni, relevant employer associations and educational institutions are planned, including partnerships with companies and government organisations in Indonesia for internships and the employment of returning Indonesian talent from the UK.

      The Hub will also provide thought leadership to boards, senior leadership teams and human resources practitioners in our wider membership, together with policy development at national level, particularly through sustainability leadership training and ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) culture development.  Our first ever book publication in 2023, ’12 Leadership Practices to Sustain Livelihoods and Life’ is testament to this strategy.

      This group is strictly for members only.

      Message from Dr Paul Aitken

  • Healthcare, Life Science & Wellness

    • Chairman: Hoerry Satrio - Head of Corporate Affairs of AstraZeneca Indonesia


  • Smart Sustainable Cities

    • Chairman: Andy Citawarman - Water Sector Leader at MottMacDonald Indonesia

      Benny Handoko - Director of Strategy and Business Development of PT Decorient Partaya Indonesia

      Max Stobbs - Manager - Office Leasing Advisory of JLL

      Taking into account the huge interest in Indonesia’s stated intention to move its capital city to Kalimantan and that Indonesian ambition ranges from smart villages to smart islands, this group is well placed to keep UK and domestically-based members informed of opportunities across central and local governments, as well as within the private sector supply needs.

      The Smart Cities Hub aims to generate more relevant and useful events focusing on smart cities along with its components and relevant issues. It is also intended that this group could help generating some businesses among members. Noting the wide coverage of smart cities, members of this hub have chosen some particular areas and topics as its foci that include smart cities financing scheme in Indonesia, Internet of Things (IoT) and apps utilization, renewable energy for rural electrification.

      On September 17, 2020, the Smart Cities Hub had its first webinar with Jeremy Kelly, the Head of Global Research Programme at JLL London and Rama Raditya from Qlue. Taking on the topic of ‘The rise of Smart Cities: A Real Estate Perspective’, focusing on the role of real estate industry in creating a truly scalable and successful smart city solutions, and to also discuss its potential role of smart cities in Indonesia.

      This group is strictly for members only.


  • SMEs

    • Chairwoman: Linzi Boyd - Founder of One Earth Global Ltd

      Jonathan Cross - Director of Island Media


  • Technology & Digitalisation

    • Chairman: Ian Betts - Managing Director of Castle Asia

      Chandranata Rekso S - Lead of Strategic Initiatives (FMCG & Long-tail Categories) of Tokopedia

      Martyn Terpilowski - President Commissioner of Bhumi Varta Technology

      Tom West - Co-Founder of Island Media

      As the largest economy within ASEAN, Indonesia’s path to digital transformation is a crucially important one. It is a transformation that signals great change for the country, as well as tremendous opportunities and promise for British companies in this sector. Indonesia’s vast population presents an enormous market for new technology and the use of data. BritCham Indonesia’s new Technology and Digitalisation Hub will identify and aim to capture the opportunities that the digital transformation will bring, but it will also highlight the challenges and risks businesses operating in this sector might face. With that in mind, we seek member companies that would like to join and be part of this exciting new initiative.

      In terms of what’s on offer, Indonesia currently has one of the highest rates of internet usage in Asia with over 212 million regular users as of January this year, or 77% of the population. Indonesia is also home to 167 million social media users, over 60% of the population, and has more than 350 million active smartphone connections – a figure that exceeds 100% of the population! E-commerce platforms are growing in scope and scale, and government services are now increasingly delivered online and via smartphone apps.

      But the Hub will also work on the challenges and risks posed by this rapid transformation. These range from data privacy and protection, on which there is an ongoing discourse with the government, to discussion on the cross-border traffic in data and the prevention of fraud. The Hub will also review, for example, the emerging regulatory environment for internet service companies, the registration and taxation of entities, and any restrictions on their activities.

      We look forward to seeing you at Hub Meetings!

      This group is strictly for members only


  • Professional Women's

    • Chairwoman: Sony Jethnani - Marketing Director of PT Hansika Unggul Indah

      Valentina Chai - Finance Director of FIF Group

      Ingrid Siburian - President Director & Country Chair of Shell Indonesia

      Mariko Yoshihara - Founder / Startup Investor

      The British Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia has been representing a diverse international business community for over four decades. We are proud of our mission to facilitate trade and investment between Indonesia and the UK. We are also equally proud of our reputation of being the most active and innovative foreign Chamber in Indonesia. Britcham Professional Women's HUB is a sector hub established ten years ago under Britcham.


      Our USP is that we are the first women-only group with European chambers. Our vision is to elevate and connect women in business. Through our monthly meetings and webinars, we encourage and help women develop new business connections; learn new skills and improve their career; advocate fairness and equality for women; attract new BritCham members; and encourage more engagement amongst Professional Women's HUB  and other women’s communities.

      Professional Women's HUB has diverse members both local and expatriates and the events are well attended. We aim to showcase leaders and speakers who are making a difference through the work that they do and the organizations they represent. The ability to think big is what makes women’s communities so powerful. In order to inspire others and make this world a better reflection of our visions and values, we first need to be inspired.

      Message from Sony Jethnani