Britcham Indonesia - Executive Director's Message

Executive Director's Message

Dear Members and Friends,


We know that almost all of our members are engaged in some sort of COVID-related CSR. In some cases these are projects that have been quickly mobilized. In others, these are localized and equally critical, in others, donations to groups providing essentials for daily living. We are keen to track what our members are doing for their various communities. Our team has tried to contact in the last two weeks. So far, 40 members have responded and shared their activities. You don’t need to provide detail or state the monetary value of what you are doing. But, when the team follows up, please do share your efforts in general terms.


Thanks to the nearly 100 people who popped in to our virtual Buka Puasa Bersama earlier this evening. The feedback has been great, firstly that we tried to retain a tradition. But also because the content was light and represented a break from stressful routine. I have challenged my team to respond positively to your request for something similar. Take a look at today’s recording. Click and sign in.

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Just a few lines to draw your attention to an escalating schedule of webinars. These are driven by you!


Tomorrow: for international expatriates re-positioned to the UK and concerned about personal and family taxation.

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On Wednesday, an extension of our support of the DKI administration and a response to your request to understand more about city rules and policy

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And coming up in the next 3 weeks:


May 12: Professiona Women’s Group is back. ‘Women and Realizations in the ‘New Norma’ beyond COVID-19. Reinvigorating “hope, faith and love - qualities that are within each of us.


Date: tba. We have all switched quickly to digital everything. A webinar to explain and discuss the least you need to know about your business cyber security. Threats and precautions.


May 19. Leadership and management skills have been challenged to evolve at an alarming pace. Top tips for executives on agility and adaptability as an introduction to a more extensive programme.


Date May tba. The marketing of our products and services has been transformed. How can business ensure that its digital doors are open, welcoming and result in news or new clients?


Enough from me. Please get in touch with comments and suggestions. Have a great week.


Best wishes, be safe.


Chris Wren

WA: +44 7561 485733