Indonesian envoys should actively inform about export opportunities

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) said that the ambassadors of Indonesia should play an active role in providing information to national businesses about export opportunities.

"We expect the ambassadors to play an active role in providing inputs, because they are in the field. Give inputs on how to increase trade," Kadin chairman, Rosan Roeslani, said in Jakarta on Tuesday.

He added that the ambassadors could also play a role in creating fair and reciprocal trade.

"For example with the United States, we know we cannot produce cotton. It means we can buy more cotton; but on the other hand, we also ask them to buy textiles at higher prices. That is fair and reciprocal trade," he explained.

The ambassadors could also be a liaison between national and local business actors, thus providing opportunities for national products to be exported.

"This is what we expect from the ambassadors. They (ambassadors) can become our market intelligence," he said.

Deputy Chairperson for International Relations of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Shinta W. Kamdani, said that Kadin would be more synergized with the government in order to increase national trade to other countries.

"With the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we have identified target countries. For example, with the United States, how Indonesia can seize opportunities in any sector. Market intelligence is our data to take on the opportunity," she said.

Currently, Indonesia-US trade is still conducted through third parties, both traders from Japan and Singapore, she continued.

"We want a direct way. There are five priority sectors, namely textiles, footwear, electronics, food and beverages, and furniture. This will become our priority," she said.