Full interview session with Pak Anindya Bakrie

Last week, our Executive Director, Chris Wren had a 30 minutes interview session with Pak Anindya Bakrie, CEO of Bakrie & Bros also Vice Chair of Indonesia Chamber of Commerce or known as KADIN in Indonesia.

To watch the full video of interview, click here: https://we.tl/t-el4R06mfu6 

1. This KADIN delegate tour of Europe comprises a number of countries. How important is the UK leg?


2. Are there any concerns over the timing of the UK visit in the context of its immersion in the BREXIT issues?


3. One way or another, sooner or later, the likelihood is the UK will be trading independently of the EU. How would KADIN like to see the shape of a future UK and RI relationship?


4. What are the unexploited Indonesian export opportunities? What plans does KADIN have to get these to International markets ?


5. The UK is regarded as an icon of quality in the field of education. BRITISH education institutions are highly visible in neighboring South East Asian countries. How committed is KADIN to support the opening up of the education sector to international influence?


6. With regards the three-day UK visit, what three take -aways would represent resources well invested?