Britcham Indonesia - BritCham Professional Women’s Group Webinar: Consumer Behavior in the “New Normal”

Jul 2nd, 2020 | FREE

BritCham Professional Women’s Group Webinar: Consumer Behavior in the “New Normal”



Venu Madhav (General Manager, Kantar Worldpanel - Indonesia) _ presentation

Mia Tricahyani (Director of Consumer Panel Service, Nielsen) _ presentation

Ashran Ghazi (CEO, Dattel Asia) _ presentation

BritCham Indonesia is delighted to have hosted the second Professional Women’s Group webinar entitled, “Consumer Behaviour in the “New Normal”” on 2 July 2020. This webinar features three notable speakers: Venu Madhav (General Manager at Kantar, Worldpanel Division), Mia Triscahyani (Director of Consumer Panel Service at Nielsen Indonesia), and Ashran Dato’ Ghazi (CEO at Dattel Asia). With over 100 registrants, this session is aimed to discuss the changing consumer expectations in the “New Normal” situation.


This webinar has managed to address several fascinating and essential themes such as changes in consumer purchase behaviours, mall and restaurant visit behaviours, as well as the company strategies to address them. Questions from the attendees regarding topics such as the value of data and insights on home businesses, and are also discussed and further elaborated.


We would like to thank all the panelists for sharing their expertise as well as the attendees for participating. BritCham Indonesia is committed to offering relevant webinars aimed at providing solutions to problems faced in this current crisis.


For more on the webinar, watch the whole click on the following link :

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