Britcham Indonesia - Business Needs For Property - Global & Consumer Trends Shift Demand

Jun 25th, 2020 | FREE

Business Needs For Property - Global & Consumer Trends Shift Demand


Rivan Munansa, Director, Industrial & Logistics Services at Colliers International Indonesia  (Presentation)

Benny Woenardi, Managing Director at Cikarang Dry Port


On Thursday, 29 June 2020, BritCham Indonesia held an exclusive webinar entitled “Business Needs for Property – Global & Consumer Trends Shift Demand”, which features two prominent speakers, Rivan Munansa (Director of Industrial & Logistic Services at Colliers International Indonesia) and Benny Woenardi (Managing Director at Cikarang Dry Port). This webinar focuses on the market conditions in the industrial & logistics sector, including observations during the first half of the year and recommendations for the future.


The session covers interesting themes such as the current state of the industrial & logistics sector, what the industrial sector post-COVID-19 might look like, and the relatively new concept of a ‘dry port’. Questions from the attendees regarding topics such as Indonesia’s current capability and government support for high-tech industry and increase in demand for industrial land are also discussed within the webinar.


We would like to thank all the panelists for sharing their expertise as well as the attendees for participating. BritCham Indonesia is committed to offering relevant webinars aimed at providing solutions to problems faced in this current crisis.




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