Britcham Indonesia - BritCham Professional Women's Group

Sep 10th, 2019 | IDR 250,000

BritCham Professional Women's Group

This month we invite four millennials who have trail blazed their success in the food and wellbeing industries to share the "why, what & how" of their self-started businesses. They are supporting local farmers, local culture, the environment and the eco-system through their business models. They are making significant impacts in how vegeratrian, vegan, plant based, organic and locally produced food products are being perceived and accepted by Indonesian consumers.

They have demonstrated courage and resilience in following their dreams. Their passion and drive to make a difference in the local community in how food coices affect health is inspiring and exemplary.

With speakers :
Amanda Cole, SAYURBOX
Debora Gondokusumo, HERBILOGY
Helga Angelina, BURGREENS
Talita Setyadi, BEAU


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