Britcham Indonesia - BritCham CEO Series with Tony Durrant (GLobal CEO of Premier Oil)

Jun 24th, 2019 | IDR 350,000

BritCham CEO Series with Tony Durrant (GLobal CEO of Premier Oil)

Energy in general, Oil & Gas in particular, are secotrs of some considerable controversy in recent years. Foreign companies have left Indonesia, others have down-sized and exploration is at a dangerously low level. this against a back-drop of a rupiah under pressure and in need of more efficient domestic production to ease the need for dollars to pay for imports.


Globally, the oil and gas business is under pressure from a decade of lower crude prices. And forgive the pun, but the climate is changig and challenging the sector to join the tide of popular sentiment that the future suply of energy needs to be mroe responsible, cleaner and putting our environment first, ahead of profit.


On June 24th BritCham welcomes Tony Durrant, Global CEO of Premier Oil, a BRITISH company that continues to prove its commitment to Indonesia with investment in new projects.



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