Britcham Indonesia - [WEBINAR] Business Opportunities in Indonesia Waste-to-Energy Market

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[WEBINAR] Business Opportunities in Indonesia Waste-to-Energy Market

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According to the Indonesian Environment & Forestry Ministry, the roughly 260 milion Indo-nesian citizens produce 175,000 tonnes of solid waste per day - equivalent to 64 milion 
tonnes per year. In the National Mid-Term Development Plan for 2015-2019, the Government of Indonesia has set ambitious targets of reducing landfils by 20 percent out of 124.6 milion tons in 5 
years in 380 cities. The reduction efforts would consist of extended producer responsibility, 3R (reuse, reduce and recycle), increasing the number and capacity of recycling centers as 
wel as waste banks. Recently Recently the Government of Indonesia has launched a campaign of “Waste-Free Indonesia by 2020” and has also announced that marine plastic waste must be reduced to 70 percent 
by 2025. Join this webinar to unlock enormous Business Opportunities in Indonesia’s Waste-to-Energy Market

Join our key speakers:

  • Chris Wren, Executive Director BritCham Indonesia
  • Harris, S.T., M.T., Director of Various New and Renewable Energy - the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources
  • Drs.H.Agus Saefudin.MSi, Head of Sub Directorate of Facilities and Infrastructure, Directorate of Waste Management - The Ministry of Environment and Forestry

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