July 23, 2021 | COVID19 Update


In the last week, we have engaged as a Board and with members to understand what role BritCham  can play to support the emergency needs of the pandemic.

There are countless efforts worthy of support, but in many cases our members would struggle with the governance behind making financial contributions to entities with whom there is no pre-existing commercial relationship.

Our members have such a relationship with BritCham and we have therefore decided that our most effective role is to collect, consolidate and to pass on to organizations with whom we have established institutional relationships.

  1. Under new leadership sanctioned by President Jokowi, KADIN has begun to mobilize new temporary hospital capacity and to bring in essential emergency supplies such as oxygen canisters. KADIN will identify a particular sub-project for BritCham and members to be associated.
  2. Singapore Chamber of Commerce is working with partners in Singapore to procure essential emergency supplies that are being shipped free of charge by our member Ben Line and their shipping network. Under the direction of the Ministry of Health, that network will then forward the supplies to healthcare facilities under most pressure and in desperate need.

BritCham proposes to receive donations from members and support both of these efforts. You have our assurance that our Board Officers will take all reasonable measures to ensure that your contributions will be used directly in support of emergency pandemic needs.

We appreciate that you may already be engaged in support of your own stakeholder projects. For those who aren’t or would like to diversify their reach of emergency support, we invite contributions, smaller and larger. We will ring-fence member contributions, provide you with a receipt (‘emergency pandemic community supplies support’)  and subsequently report on exactly what has been supported and it’s impacts.

Our account details are below. Please remit as appropriate and forward your remittance advice to our Head of Finance, Lia: finance@britcham.or.id

Please make a full payment by bank transfer to:   
Bank:Standard Chartered   
Bank Address:Menara Standard Chartered, Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio No.164 Jakarta 12930
A/C Name:British Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia 
A/C No.:30600613736    

If you need any additional paperwork for your own processes, please also address Lia.