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Keeping Your People Safe in an
Uncertain World-Global 1st Tech
The Rise of Smart CIties:
A Real Estate Perspective
To Open the Borders, to Remain Closed ?
That is the Question
UK Residential Market Update
Innovate Indonesia: Unlocking Growth
Through Technological Transformation
Improved Economics & Plant Operability by
Enhancing Heat Exchanger Performance
Corporate Climate Change Commitments -
A Global Leadership Perspective
Webinar to discuss Intellectual Property Rights
Enforcement Manual for Indonesia
Opportunities in Technology and Digital Sectors
in Indonesia for Northern Powerhouse

Britcham Indonesia Ministerial Series :




Britcham Environmental Series: The Road to COP 26

Meeting Corporate Climate Commitments and

the Role of Forest Restoration Project


Mentari Program:

UK Government’s Support for Indonesian

Renewable Energy Projects


Mentari Program: UK Government’s Support

for Indonesian Renewable Energy Projects


UK Academic and Vocational Expertise Well Positioned to Support Indonesia’s National Human Capital Goals


Business Needs For Property - Global & Consumer Trends Shift Demand


Indonesia: the Giant of South East Asia


In love with English Football! Unique & Exclusive Insights


Navigating Supply Chain Disruptions in the Time of COVID-19


BritCham Indonesia Webinar Series: How to Exploit & Manage These Opportunities




BritCham Indonesia Webinar - NEW : Digital Transformation Series


Leadership & Adaptability: The C-Suite Needs to Know These 12 Leadership Practices For Disruptive Times - a one hour sharing session strictly for executives, directors and senior managers



Our COVID-19 Story: West Java - Challenges, Wins, Collaborations, Opportunities with Governor Ridwan Kamil (Governor of West Java)




PWG : Women and Realizations in the “NEW NORMAL” Beyond COVID-19




DKI Jakarta Takes on COVID-19 Business Communities have Roles and Responsibilities




Tax Round-table with The Fry Group




Buka Puasa with Britcham




The British Chambers of Commerce –

Business and trade in the midst and after the COVID-19 crisis




Cash Flow Strategies & The Need to Think Beyond These Distressed Times




Q&A Session with British Ambassador to Indonesia and Timor-Leste




Continuity in Education during the COVID-19 Challenge -

Parents' Concerns Addressed




Human Capital - To Cull or to Nurture Your Human Assets?