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   Daniel Choat

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The BritCham UK Passport and UK Visa Member Group has been designed to help assist Britcham members through the application process here in Indonesia and to ensure that the most up-to-date and relevant information about UK visas and UK passports is easily accessible to help ease people through the process.


The most common information that we provide is:

UK passport renewals for British expats
Obtaining secondary UK passports for those who travel regularly
First time UK passports for British national children born in Indonesia
UK visa applications for tourism / business / visit to family and friends
Settlement and relocation visas for British expats returning to the UK with their Indonesian partners and family.

We will use our expertise and day-to-day working knowledge of the systems and regulations to provide exclusive and professional assistance via our members.


Here are some FAQ’s for UK passport and UK visa applications:

Do I have to give my biometric data (fingerprints) for each application? – Yes you are required to attend the UK visa application centre whether it is your first or fifth time of application.
Who decides my visa application? – Whilst you submit your UK visa application in Jakarta / Bali / Surabaya the actual decision-making process takes place in Manila, Philippines.
How quick can I get a UK visa processed? – Standard service is up to 15 working days whilst a priority service of up to 5 working days also exists.
How do I qualify for a 2 or 5-year validity visa? – Anyone can apply for a 2-year or a 5-year multiple entry UK visit visa but we normally recommend that you have already built up a credible travel history to the UK before doing so.
Where does my passport application get decided? – All UK passport applications made from Indonesia are now assessed by HMPO in Liverpool.
Do I send my passport and original documents with the application? – You need to present your original documents at the time of application but only colour copies will actually be sent to Liverpool for processing.
Can I qualify for a secondary passport? – If you are a business traveller who needs to visit countries that are in conflict or incompatibility with each other, e.g. Israel and Iran/Lebanon/Syria/Iraq etc or you are a very frequent business traveller and need to get a new visa issued in an embassy that might hold your passport for a long time.


Please do not hesitate to contact us and look out for further updates and articles in the near future.

Daniel Choat

President Director

PT AGS – Visa Solution