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BritCham Indonesia proudly presents : Podcast series, bringing you to our personal discussion platform between BritCham’s Executive Team to our dear members on certain topics related with current issues.
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Member Insights, business challenges and responses Eps.5

The Ramadhan season just started a couple of days ago.
But With this pandemic crisis, and the Large Scale Social Restriction regulation that occur across Indonesia the tradition has swift from previous years.
In this podcast we’ve invited BritCham’s Executive team, Hanny, Jihan &Septi to share their experience of Ramadhan during pandemic crisis.

'Member Insights, business challenges, responses and mudik’ Eps. 4

With the low income and tight budget, businessess are now facing a hard decision on giving religious holiday allowance or known as THR to their employees for Idul Fitri.

Based on the last Snap Poll, 80% of our members are willing to give THR in full during the festive day whilst the rest are considering to give it in some other time or not at all.


In this podcast we’ve invited Britcham’s Executive team, Yue, Yunita and Marsha to share their point of view regarding the issue.

Should the company gave THR to employee during these hard times?

Is it fair to not give THR for employees during this festive seasons, despite there are some potential that they are not going home?



Members’ Companies Update during Pandemic Crisis & Thoughts on “No Mudik” Campaign

On the second episode, following on from our two previous podcast discussions with BritCham Indonesia’s Executive Team and parents on the campaign of “No Mudik”, we are now pleased to talk to some businesses from different sectors on some of their staff challenges and their policy around the forthcoming festive season. 


In this podcast we are delighted to offer thoughts from our corporate members: PT. Unilever Indonesia, Penny Growing, PT Kelly’s Express, The Sultan Hotel & Residence, PT Hill Konsultan Indonesia, and YouGov. They share some insight not just on the current update of the company’s during this pandemic crisis, their view of the ‘No Mudik’ campaign and the different considerations for their staff and the wider Indonesian public.


Executive Teams Thoughts on “No Mudik” Campaign

With the current pandemic situation and Ramadhan season is approaching the situation in Indonesia is getting tricky, especially with the traditions of Mudik or Going Home.

The government then being proactive and started a campaign of “No Mudik or No Going Home”. Various response came from the people, especially this is a tradition within Eid Fitr.

The following podcast is the comment of our BritCham Team from various background on the campaign of “No Mudik”