November 29, 2021 | 2021

Ministry urges SOEs, varsities to help tackle economic challenge

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Ministry urges SOEs, varsities to help tackle economic challenge

State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) Minister Erick Thohir has urged SOEs, universities, and the common people to work together to help face the challenges of the current global economy.

“All of us, state-owned enterprises, universities, the Indonesian people, must think in (terms of) mutual cooperation, work together to build a foundation, find solutions to the global challenges we face,” he said at a virtual event on Saturday.

Currently, there are three global challenges that need to be faced by the Indonesian people: market globalization, which will continue to be expanded; unstoppable digital distribution; and the issue of health security that is being pursued in Indonesia and which includes reinforcing raw materials supply, he noted.

At the G20 meeting in Rome, Italy, Indonesia emphasized its commitment to implement a green economy with regards to market globalization, he said.

“If we look at the G20 in Rome, many developed countries emphasized the green economy. In this case, Indonesia agrees, strongly agrees. Because when we talk about a green economy, we are talking about a secure future,” Thohir remarked.

Indonesia is also committed to switching to green energy, the minister said. However, if the green economy is disrupted by interests that prevent Indonesia from becoming a developed country, then Indonesia will reject it, he asserted.

“Mr. President Joko Widodo does not want to sign the supply chain (agreement). Because we are pressured to open our mining industry and send as many as possible to other countries,” Thohir informed.

The minister said that Indonesia is not anti-foreign, but it wants its natural resources to be used for maximum domestic economic growth. In addition, Indonesia’s market, which is also large, must be used for the nation’s economic growth, he added.

“Therefore, I and also Mr. President state that it is time for Indonesia to become the center of world economic growth. The world economy is part of our growth, not the other way around, (in which) we are only used as cash cows,” he remarked.

He stressed that Indonesia is trying to boost down-streaming so that its natural resources get added value.