March 16, 2023 | 2023

Ministry Aims to Slash Carbon Emissions Through Green Infrastructure

Ministry aims to slash carbon emissions through green infrastructure

The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) has emphasized its commitment to cutting carbon emissions through the development of green infrastructure and the implementation of sustainable construction.

“The PUPR Ministry is committed to reducing carbon emissions through the implementation of sustainable construction and the development of green infrastructure that synergize natural systems and engineered solutions,” PUPR Minister Basuki Hadimuljono said on Wednesday.

His remarks were read by the ministry’s acting director general of water resources, Jarot Widyoko, at the “Sustainable Infrastructure Forum” here.

According to Hadimuljono, the government is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 29 percent with its own resources or 41 percent with international support and cooperation.

For reaching the target, the construction sector has an important role given that greenhouse gas emissions resulting from construction activities are quite significant.

The implementation of sustainable construction can be carried out by prioritizing local, superior, and environmentally friendly products.

As a concrete step, the ministry has issued the PUPR Minister’s Instruction Number 4 of 2020 concerning the use of non-ordinary Portland cement (Non-OPC) in construction works undertaken by the PUPR Ministry.

The use of Non-OPC cement can contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions and increase the accuracy of cement material specifications, in accordance with the purpose of the construction work.

The PUPR Ministry, together with the Indonesia Water Institute, held the “Sustainable Infrastructure Forum” with the theme “Joint Commitment for the Reduction of Carbon Emissions and Strategies for Sustainable Infrastructure Financing.”

The key to the implementation of sustainable construction is the Pentahelix collaboration of stakeholders consisting of the government, the world of business, the community, academicians, and the media.

To this end, hard work and cooperation are needed to realize the big agenda by promoting, developing, and synergizing the use of construction materials that are environmentally friendly and sustainable.


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