July 19, 2021 | COVID19 Update

COVID-19 update 19072021

Overall update

Implementation of Micro-Scale Restriction on Public Activities (PPKM)_ updated on 19/07

  • Minister of Home Affairs instructed provincial governments to be more stringent in the implementation of PPKM and rollout of vaccination programmes through the following (informal translation):
  1. Police forces (Satpol PP), in collaboration with TNI/ Polri to support the enforcement of PPKM
  2. Provide face masks, hand sanitizer, groceries, etc. (in accordance with each provinces’ financial situation) for those who are struggling due to the pandemic
  3. Governor of the provinces with excess vaccine supply are allowed to transfer the stock to provinces in need and instruct Health Authority (Dinas Kesehatan) to not stock vaccines
  4. Governor/ provincial government representative(s) to actively evaluate the enforcement of PPKM in their provinces

Reference: Circular Letter of Minister of Home Affairs No. 440/3929/SJ (2021)

  • Head COVID-19 Task Force announced that from 18-25 July 2021, public activities are limited, particularly considering the Eid Al Adha holiday. Some of the key points are as follows (informal translation):
  1. All intercity transportations are limited only for workers of essential/ critical sectors and/ or people with emergency (patient of critical disease, pregnant woman, max. 1 assistant and/ or people with purpose of labour, max. 2 assistants, and COVID-19 corpse escorts of max. 5 people)
  2. Eid Al Adha religious activities are prohibited except for non-PPKM areas which are only allowed 30% of the capacity

Reference: Circular Letter of Head of COVID-19 Handling Task Force No. 15 (2021) | Further Explanation of Circular Letter No. 15 (2021)

UK Government COVID-19 Guidance_updated on 07/06

UK Government Support and Funding for businesses_updated on 28/01

Internationalisation Fund by the Department for International Trade: The purpose of the Internationalisation Fund is to assist 7,600 British SME’s nationally to improve international trade performance through co-investment in approved activity. Reference: Internationalisation Fund – GOV.UK